X-Men: Apocalypse Production Art Released, But What the Hell Is It?

Bryan Singer
Bryan Singer. Photo: Andreas Branch/Patrick McMullan

Over on Bryan Singer’s Instagram account — or one of them, at least — there’s promise the X-Men director might become revealingly trigger-happy. “Some production art,” he said, sharing this excruciatingly nebulous picture by Grant Major, on Monday. “I was a little busy but will continue to snap more.” Yeah, well, sorry, Singer, we’re also very busy being curious, so work with us here. The image shows the back of either a massive robot or ship, in front of a lone humanoid figure. Of course, all of the key, discernible details are stippled out. The colors could be clues, but trying to make sense of what exactly is happening here calls to mind those people who circle all of the freeze frames of Jay Z throwing up Illuminati symbols and then trying to make sense of the world. So just take a gander and see what you want to see (It’s Cable! It’s a Horseman! It’s Cyclops! It’s Apocalypse! It’s Prince!):

Bryan Singer Has Some Cryptic X-Men Art for You