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Chris Evans and Chris Pratt Waged a Cute and Heroic Super Bowl Bet

Aside from your own family pool, there was a lot riding on tonight’s Super Bowl game. Actors-cum-superheroes Chris Evans and Chris Pratt struck up a bet — a.k.a. “Twitterbowl” — with Star-Lord backing the Seattle Seahawks and Captain America supporting the New England Patriots. They decided the loser would go to a children’s medical facility of the victor’s choice, in costume. If you watched the Super Bowl, you know how this ended. But Pratt humbly accepted defeat, and both actors exemplified some real-life heroics in the process by encouraging their fans to donate to the organizations involved.

After the game Star-Lord tweeted:

And Cap was not far behind, adding:

Chris Evans & Chris Pratt’s Cute Super Bowl Bet