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Colbert Always Knew Steve Carell Had a Psychopath Inside of Him

Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert have played waiters together, debated together, and rubbed their nipples together, so of course Colbert is rooting for his old comedy pal to take home the Best Actor trophy at the Oscars this weekend. But that doesn’t mean Colbert was surprised by Carell’s transformation into disturbed millionaire John du Pont for Foxcatcher. As the TV host told Vulture at the U.S.-Ireland Alliance’s “Oscar Wilde:  Honoring the Irish in Film” event Thursday night, he knew Carell had a psychopath in him all along.

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but I was in no way surprised that Steve could be a soulless, disturbing person, because that’s one of the amazing things about him,” he said. “He’s an incredibly nice guy, but I worked with him for years onstage; he could snap into a terrifying character anytime he wanted. People are shocked by his range, but I wasn’t. I already knew he could do that.”

Colbert: Steve Carell Always Had a Psycho Inside