Emile Hirsch Has Been Charged With Felony Assault

Emile Hirsch attends McDonald’s McCafe Presents The Village at The Lift 2015 on January 23, 2015 in Park City, Utah. Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for McDonald’s McCafe

Emile Hirsch has been charged with aggravated assault for his alleged Sundance choke-hold incident. Variety reports that Hirsch, 29, intimidated Paramount executive Dani Bernfeld at a Utah nightclub because she looked like she didn’t belong at the film fest. Then, according to court documents, Hirsch tried to throttle her. With his hands wrapped around her neck, Bernfeld reportedly said she could feel the walls of her throat touching and might have blacked out. After Hirsch was pulled off her, he waited for authorities to show, was interviewed, and was arrested later that morning. TMZ reports that police interviews revealed that Hirsch admitted he’d been drinking and that Bernfeld’s neck and upper chest were red. Hirsch will head to court on March 16; if convicted, he could serve five years in Utah state prison. The actor’s spokesperson told TMZ that Hirsch has checked into a rehab facility to fix his behavior.

Emile Hirsch Charged With Felony Assault