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Shia LaBeouf Read a Very Odd, Pink Note to Sia at the Grammys

Before Sia and Kristen Wiig stole the Grammy spotlight, Shia LaBeouf had something he wanted to get off his chest: a poem-slash-note-slash-confession-message from some guy named Erik. He introduced the singer with loving, punching, and flag-waving words. In a way, it was kind of par for the Shia course, but regardless, here is the clip and the pretty, pink letter.

Update: Us Weekly reports that the #loveletter was actually a note from Sia’s husband Erik Anders Lang. “Erik and Shia conspired together and did this as a gift to Sia,” a source said. “She was completely surprised and had no idea.”

Here’s Shia LaBeouf’s Odd Grammy Note to Sia