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So Who Killed Lila on How to Get Away With Murder?

How to Get Away With Murder wrapped up its first season last night, impressively solving its central mystery and setting up at least part of what next season will be about. Spoilers ahead.

Who killed Lila Stanguard? The hunky beardo Frank! He strangled her — but on orders from Sam Keating, to whom he is in some kind of debt. (Creator Pete Nowalk says we’ll find out the nature of what Frank owed Sam, exactly.) Annalise and Wes convinced themselves that Sam carried out the crime himself, but before that, the Keating Five seriously suspected Rebecca, even though it seems unlikely she’d have been strong enough to carry a body up that rickety ladder.

Not that we’ll ever get to explore Rebecca’s strengths, or lack thereof. Next season of HTGAWM is taking a page from The Killing, since it might as well be tagged “Who Killed Rosie Larsen?” In the final moments of the show, Frank and Annalise banter briefly about how they — ha, ha? — suspected one another of killing Lila, and then we see that Rebecca has herself been murdered, right there in the Keatings’ surprisingly unfinished basement. Yay, one more murder to get away with!

So Who Killed Lila on HTGAWM?