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Jennifer Lawrence Should Have Just Asked for More Money, Says Amy Pascal

Amy Pascal (left) and Jennifer Lawrence. Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images; Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

Remember when the Sony hack revealed that Jennifer Lawrence got paid less than her male co-stars on American Hustle? Amy Pascal wants you to know that’s a thing of the past. “I’ve paid [Lawrence] a lot more money since then, I promise you,” she reportedly told Tina Brown during a Q&A session at the Women in the World conference on Wednesday. But, Pascal hinted, Lawrence maybe should have just asked for a raise in the first place. “The truth is, what women have to do is not work for less money,” she said. “They have to walk away. People shouldn’t be so grateful for jobs … people should know what they’re worth.” So apparently, the pay gap, like everything else, remains women’s fault.

Amy Pascal: J.Law Should Have Asked for a Raise