Kanye Publicly Apologized to Beck

Kanye West. Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images

New Kanye can cry, employ media savvy, speak in an inside voice, come across as genuine, and now apologize. Via Twitter on Thursday, the deity formally known as Yeezus publicly said sorry to Beck and Bruno Mars, two artists he has said less-than-respectable things about. The fact Kanye called out Beck for winning Album of the Year and dissed the singer-songwriter’s talent without evening listening to Morning Phase is still a thing people kvetch about in interviews, so this was yet another solid PR-slash-persona metamorphosis move.

Anyway, here’s what the tweets looked like:

Nothing says sorry like making the recipient have to search for the tweet, instead of using an at-mention. Kidding (kind of). But this was very nice. And that potential Bruno Mars song sounds Ye faith-affirming.

Kanye Publicly Apologized to Beck