Listen to the Final ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’ with Harris Wittels

Scott Aukerman originally hadn’t planned to release the latest episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! featuring Adam Scott, Chelsea Peretti, and Harris Wittels, but with the encouragement of his friends and those who knew Wittels before his tragic death last week, Aukerman ultimately decided to share the final Wittels CBB today. Aukerman’s intro to the episode is an especially tough listen; here’s an excerpt from it:

So a few days ago I didn’t know if I wanted to even put out a show this week or put out a show next week, or, you know, even why continue? Why keep doing this stupid show? But in the conversation we had last week at this party, Harris and I were very coincidentally talking about this very subject – just why people watch comedy, what they want when they’re watching or listening to comedy, about comedy’s purpose in people’s lives – and I told him the story of a personal tragedy that my family had gone through over a decade ago, and the just frankly bizarre experience of two hours after it happened all of us not knowing what to do, and instead of just staring at each other we turned on the TV and there was a silly stupid sitcom on, and we all laughed a lot at it. I just found that to be very bizarre, and it got me thinking about the definition of comic relief. And he thought about that and he said “Yeah…you know, a lot of people want to do serious stuff with their comedy like Louie does with his TV show, but I just think motherfuckers wanna laugh.” So that’s what we’re gonna keep doing.

Listen to the whole episode below, and be sure to listen through to the very end.

Listen to the Final ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’ with Harris […]