George R.R. Martin’s Next Fantasy Movie May Star Milla Jovovich

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Three of George R.R. Martin’s early short stories are being turned into a movie, and that movie is probably going to star Milla Jovovich. Deadline reports that Jovovich is in “advanced negotiations” to star in the upcoming In the Lost Lands, named after the author’s 1982 fantasy story. She’d play a sorceress who travels into the titular Lost Lands to become a skinchanger. As you might expect from Martin, the sorceress’s new knowledge comes with brutal consequences. The film’s other plots are based on “The Lonely Song of Laren Dorr,” the story of a young female dragon-fighter distracted from her quest by a mysterious stranger, and “Bitterblooms,” about a girl entranced by a witch in a frozen sci-fi world. Just like on Game of Thrones, all three stories will be interwoven. Also like Game of Thrones, they will all make you sad.

Milla Jovovich May Star in G.R.R.M. Adaptation