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New Accuser Says Bill Cosby Assaulted Her in 1984

Bill Cosby. Photo: Nancy Kaszerman/Corbis

Yet another new woman is accusing Bill Cosby of sexual assault, claiming the comedian abused her in Nevada in 1984. Former model Heidi Thomas tells CNN that she was approached by an agent who told her Cosby was looking for “young talent [to] mentor.” She says she accepted, and was promptly flown out to Reno to meet with him. While there, Thomas says, Cosby instructed her to act drunk, then gave her a glass of wine that made her memory “foggy.” She claims she later woke up in bed with him “forcing himself in [her] mouth,” but left before Cosby could have sex with her. Thomas says she initially blamed herself for what happened and even apologized to Cosby for being “rude.” But now she tells CNN she wants to look the comedian in the eyes and ask him, “Do you remember me?”

New Accuser Says Cosby Assaulted Her in 1984