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3 Things You Might Have Missed in the Parks and Recreation Finale

Last night’s Parks and Recreation finale was a series of ultrasweet flash-forwards that let us know everyone is going to be A-OK, especially Leslie, who maybe becomes the president. There were a few hidden moments in there, too, that tied everything up even more neatly than you realized.

Jean-Ralphio becomes some kind of Champagne producer.

Photo: NBC

Or at least there’s a brand of sparkling wine bearing his name.

The guy who wanted to get the swing fixed was in the pilot — as a drunk dude in a slide.

Photo: NBC

Last night, Jon Daly’s unnamed character reemerged in the Pawnee world as a seemingly hygienic, ordinary citizen trying to get a broken swing fixed. Seven years ago, he was an ornery drunk in a slide, whom Leslie shooed away with a broom.

Star-Lords exist in the Parks universe.

Photo: NBC

One of the trick-or-treaters at April and Andy’s house is dressed as Chris Pratt’s character from Guardians of the Galaxy.

The only thing missing? An acknowledgement of the existence of Mark Brendanawicz.

3 Easter Eggs From the Parks and Rec Finale