Russians React to American Sitcom Star’s Coming-Out

A day after Odin Biron, the American actor who stars in a popular, Scrubs-like Russian sitcom, came out in a New York Magazine article, his second home has begun to weigh in on the big announcement. Russia passed nationwide laws banning the so-called spread of “gay propaganda” in 2013, and Biron’s co-star, Ivan Okhlobystin, is one of the most ardent supporters of anti-gay legislation. (He also suggested that homosexuals be burned alive.) Before commenting on his esteemed colleague’s newly public sexual orientation, he shared a photograph captioned “Shoo, demons, daddy’s home” to Instagram.

And later, he issued a statement on Twitter. “Bykov will never know that Phil is a pervert,” he wrote, referring to his character, “But Okhlobystin, when he learned that his friend Odin is a sodomite, banged his head against the wall and cursed fate.”

Okhlobystin’s countrymen, however, have taken to social media to share their own thoughts on the matter — surprisingly diverse ones, too, in a country where 86 percent of people don’t know any gays or lesbians, and the vast majority has strictly negative views on minority sexual orientations. Read the good, the bad, and the ugly translations below.

Orthodox community movement “God’s Will” is ready to help actor Odin Biron cure his homosexualism. We hope St. John will bless the therapy.

Odin Biron is gay!!!!! Yeeeesss!!!! I knew it, I knew it!!!!!!!!!

Odin Biron from “Interns” admitted that he’s gay. Most important is that he not be a faggot like some of his high-ranking compatriots. 

How do we now watch the new season? Although, considering what Okhlobystin has said about gays, Doctor Phil may disappear from future episodes…

Homos all around. Actor Odin Biron, who plays Phil Richards in “Interns,” admitted that he’s a faggot. Where is the world going?

Odin Biron came out. I’m proud of him, even. 

Knife to my back: Odin Lund Biron, famous in Russia for his role as Phil Richards in a TV series [came out].

Odin Lund Biron, famous in Russia for his role as Phil Richards in the TV series “Interns,” came out MY SUNSHINE. I KNEW IT. FINALLY.

Kirsten Stewart has a lady, Zac Efron has a man, Odin Biron is gay.

Russian Twitter Reacts to Gay Sitcom Star