This Week in Comedy: ‘Parks and Rec’ Says Goodbye

-Parks and Recreation ended its wonderful run, and we took a look at the idealism that defined the show and how it transcended its mockumentary roots.

-We remembered Harris Wittels by compiling some of our favorite Wittels podcast appearances.

-Chunklet magazine issued a long-out-of print seven-minute prank call dubbed “The Corporate Office” by Bob Schriner this week, and we took a look at why it’s one of the greatest prank calls of all time.

-We looked at Community’s meta knockout of a bottle episode.

-It was announced that Chris Hemsworth will host SNL on March 7th.

-Second City Archives unearthed a 20-year-old Amy Poehler pilot featuring Del Close.

-The Thermals’ Hutch Harris talked to us about moving between music and standup.

-Austin’s SXSW Festival announced its 2015 comedy lineup, including Amy Schumer, Wyatt Cenac, Scott Aukerman, and more.

-We talked with Adam Newman about his new album Killed.

-We revisited the forward-thinking British sitcom Nathan Barley, looking at how it’s remained just as cutting edge today as it was a decade ago.

-We watched the final episode of The David Letterman Show.

-Trevor Moore talked with us about his new one-hour Comedy Central musical special High in Church and how to have that awkward conversation with your parents about your comedy.

-This Week in Web Videos featured a discussion with Assassin Banana co-creator Jordan Rozansky.

-We dove deep into Twitter with Eudora Peterson.

And here are your top five videos of the week:

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This Week in Comedy: ‘Parks and Rec’ Says Goodbye