Bob’s Burgers’ Eugene Mirman Very Seriously Reviews Farts

“There’s nothing that you could be doing out in the world that wouldn’t basically be made funnier by a fart.” Those are sage words from Eugene Mirman, but they could just as easily have come out of the mouth of his cartoon alter ego, the gleefully vulgar Gene Belcher of Bob’s Burgers. The sole male child of the Belcher family is obsessed with human gas expulsion, regularly producing it himself and/or conjuring it from a sound-effects keyboard. He even wrote a delightful Schoolhouse Rock–esque anthem about bottom-tooting. We recently got the chance to spend some time with Mirman, and we thought it was high time someone got the thespian’s own views on farts. So we played him a bunch of fart noises we found on a website called fart-fart.com and asked him to review them. Unsurprisingly, he was very erudite on the topic.

Watch Eugene Mirman Review Farts