Lil Wayne’s Daughter’s My Super Sweet 16 Was Out of Control (in a Good Way)

It’s been too long since we’ve seen a rich teenager get presented with a car (or three) for their birthday bash on My Super Sweet 16. MTV must’ve known we missed the absurdity because last night the network presented us with the Holy Grail of sweet 16 parties when (after a marathon of the show and a “Where Are They Now?” feature) Lil’ Wayne’s daughter, Reginae, brought the series back for her super, super sweet 16 party. Here are some of the incredible highlights.

The Intro [00:30]:
“My father is rich. It’s not like this party has a budget, right?” Well said.

Her Best Friend Lourdes [5:56] and [11:54]:
Can we give Lourdes her own Super Sweet 16 episode? While Reginae is actually pretty sweet for the spoiled daughter of a rich guy, when she needs someone to tell it like it is she turns to her best friend Lourdes. The first thing we hear out of Lourdes’s mouth is that the event venue “smells like old.” Being too “old” is a huge issue for these sweet-16-ers. She then reads the stylist for his questionable outift picks: “This looks like my grandma is getting married. Yass, granny, yasss!”

Birdman the Godfather [23:50]:
With what we know now about Birdman and Lil Wayne’s deteriorated relationship, it’s bittersweet to see how well Wayne’s daughter and her godfather, Birdman, get along. She calls him Parrain (that’s French for godfather), he buys her a glimmering Rolex, and the show subtitles everything he musters past all of the metal in his mouth. 

The Emily Dilemma [25:50]:
What would My Super Sweet 16 be without teenaged drama? Reginae’s “friend” Emily swears she is not dating her ex, Jadarius (Young Jeezy’s son), but when they show up to bowling “looking like a knock-off Ariana Grande and Big Sean,” Reginae knows something is up. (Don’t worry: Lourdes hates her, too.) The day before the party we see Reginae at her most vulnerable, telling Emily that the rumors about her dating Jadarius are pretty hurtful. Still, in an act of good faith, Reginae gives Emily and Jadarius her blessing and allows them to come to the birthday party. All that drama for nothing. (Girl, it’s your party and you can disinvite who you want to!) 

This Outfit [28:16]:
If you’re not showing up to your penthouse suite in head-to-toe Moschino on the day of your Super Sweet 16 bash, you’re not doing it right. 

The Big Finale [37:15]:
As if Nicki Minaj closing out Reginae’s party with “Moment for Life” isn’t a big enough surprise, the Carters pull a fast one on Reginae. You see, when they went to the dealership she went straight for the Ferarri. Her mom cringed, shook her hear no, and pointed her to a more sensible BMW. That’s why when the BMW shows up to Reginae’s party, you can feel the sadness in her eyes. She wanted the Ferrarri, mooooom. Don’t worry, Little Lil’ Wayne — you’re getting two cars

Was that not enough? Want to watch the entire thing for yourself?

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