Watch the Producer’s Cut of the ‘Parks and Recreation’ Series Finale

In case Tuesday night’s Parks and Recreation series finale didn’t give you enough closure, NBC uploaded the full 53-minute producer’s cut that includes a deleted scene with Jean-Ralphio and Mona-Lisa, which Ben Schwartz shared on Tumblr yesterday along with a wonderful farewell message titled “Goodbye Parks and Recreation, I’ve Always Loved You.” Here’s an excerpt:

Last night, after 7 seasons, the final episode of Parks and Recreation aired and it hasn’t quite hit me yet that it’s all over and I’ll never play Jean-Ralphio again. It has been such an amazing, love-filled ride. I wanted to say thank you to that perfect cast, legendary writers room, brilliant creator Mike Schur, the producers, directors, wardrobe, hair, make-up, crew, everyone who helped me out in the land of Pawnee over the past six years. I also wanted to say thank you to all of the fans. Even though Parks never had an enormous audience, the people who did watch were so amazing and creative. I have saved so many of your drawings, memes, gifs, tumblr posts, tweets and instagrams photos. I am floored that people dressed up as Jean-Ralphio for Halloween and somehow the words Jean-Ralphio were a worldwide trending topic on twitter for the second week in a row last night. This will be the last time ever the words “Jean-Ralphio” will be a trending topic on anything…ever.
Watch the Producer’s Cut of the ‘Parks and Recreation’ […]