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Will Smith Wants to Make New Music, But His Kids Are Making Fun of His Old-Man Process

Earlier this month, Will Smith appeared on The Tonight Show and did some musical game because it’s The Tonight Show. But apparently it stuck with him, as he told the Associated Press, “I got the bug.” Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Smith talked about writing rhymes again. The problem is his kids are making fun of him for doing it wrong. This is how we imagine the conversation went:

Jaden: Daaaaaaad, you’re doing it wrong. Everyone uses their iPhones to take their rhymes down.
Will: Paper’s where it’s at, son. Rakim didn’t rap about using his Notes app.
Jaden: Parents just don’t understand.
Will: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! You got me. You got me.
Jaden: I’m just looking out for you, father.
Will: I know, son. I know. Now let’s go swim in our pool that’s shaped like Philadelphia and filled with gold coins.

Will Smith Wants to Make New Music