The Wolfpack Brothers Redid Sundance Classics As Thanks for Their Award

If you’ve ever watched Dogtooth and wondered if overprotective (bordering on reclusive) families like that are real, the Angulo brothers are here to tell you … kind of. Dubbed “the Wolfpack,” the six Angulo boys and their sister are sealed off from society with their mother and paranoid father in a Lower East Side apartment. There, they attend home school, watch films, and re-create their own movies. Their situation is probably not as intense as Yorgos Lanthimos would want it, but it still makes for a fascinating story — one that Crystal Moselle chronicles in her nonfiction film, aptly named The Wolfpack. Moselle’s movie snagged the U.S. Documentary Grand Jury Prize at this year’s Sundance for its riveting story and incredible access. To say thanks for the award, the Angulos have shared a quartet of their own Sundance-themed reenactments. First, here’s their version of Usual Suspects:

Then El Mariachi:


And, finally, The Blair Witch Project:

The Wolfpack Brothers Redid Sundance Classics