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See the Rest of Abbi’s Celeb-Inspired Food Art From Last Night’s Broad City

Way cheaper than $40.

Abbi Abrams has had a long-standing obsession with incorporating food into her art — remember her prized hamburger drawing? Last night’s episode of Broad City saw even more food porn (and other kinds) with Abbi’s celebrity-inspired food illustrations, which she, of course, tried to hustle for money to fix a mirror she broke at Soulstice. As we’ve seen, Abbi Jacobson is a real-life illustrator, and thanks to Ilana Glazer’s tweet, we now know there’s an entire Tumblr dedicated to Abbi’s “Famous Favorites” art project, where you can get all of the drawings from the episode — including Springsteen’s tomato and Ron Howard’s shrimp cocktail — for way less than $40 a pop. Here are just a few. (We’d personally love to think Jane Goodall’s beer flight is so spot-on.)
Abbi’s Celeb-Inspired Food Art From Broad City