oh no he didn't

Alec Baldwin Briefly Rapped With Chance the Rapper

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 19: Actor Alec Baldwin attends the
Alec Baldwin. Photo: Cindy Ord/2014 Getty Images

Alec Baldwin took a trip to the Midwest this weekend to help raise money at a celebration for Young Chicago Authors, an arts organization that promotes youth literacy, leadership, and storytelling. At the event, Baldwin hung out with Chance the Rapper, and the result was a quick rap collaboration, which was posted on the latter’s Instagram. “This is me beatboxing while Alec Baldwin raps, he is for the people,” Chance wrote in the video’s caption. Yes, Baldwin raps. He spit a couple of lines from Carl Sandburg’s poem “Chicago,” and the flow was … gloriously stilted.

Watch it once, watch it 20 times, whatever — just enjoy Baldwin the Rapper:

Alec Baldwin Rapped With Chance the Rapper