Benedict Cumberbatch Reads a Poem to Honor King Richard III, of Course

With a voice like his, it’s kind of hard to think of anyone better than Benedict Cumberbatch to eulogize someone at their funeral. Obviously, the Church of England felt the same, because they asked him to recite an original poem for the reburial of King Richard III (whose remains were discovered three years ago after being lost for more than 500 years). But there was also a little bit of nepotism involved in choosing him for the job. As it turns out, there’s royal blood in Cumberbatch’s ancestry, and he’s actually King Richard III’s third cousin 16 times removed. (He’s also set to play Richard III in an upcoming BBC drama.) Try not to swoon too hard as he reads about skulls and other awkwardly morbid things.

Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Read a Poem