Community’s Jim Rash Says the Show Will Deal With Dean’s Sexuality More This Season

Photo: Travis P Ball/Getty

Over the weekend at SXSW, Yahoo threw a party for their newly acquired and revamped Community. We caught up with Jim Rash — who plays Dean Pelton on the show — on the red carpet, to discuss what we can expect from Dean this season. A quick Google search reveals how confused viewers have been about his character’s sexuality over the years. “For me in particular it was a good season because we deal with Dean’s sexuality, which will be fun. [His orientation] has not technically been revealed. People assume, but he feels he’s much more complicated than one label, so it makes it more interesting.” As Lena Dunham recently reminded us, the spectrum of human sexuality is complicated. “That’s the way it should be,” he smiles.

Community’s Jim Rash on Dean’s Sexuality