Gillian Flynn Will Ensure That Steve McQueen’s New Film Has Four Cool Girls

This should be interesting. Photo: Gregg DeGuire/Getty and Leigh Vogel/Getty

Gillian Flynn’s already proven herself as a screenwriter, adapting her novel Gone Girl for David Fincher’s film last year. Now the Hollywood Reporter is reporting she’ll do the same for Lynda La Plante’s British miniseres, Prime Suspect. Flynn has been tapped to adapt the miniseries for Steve McQueen’s next film, Widows. It’s familiar territory for Flynn: The story takes place after “four armed robbers are killed during a failed heist and their surviving widows join forces and resolve to pull off the raid themselves.” No word yet on how cool these widows will be, but we’re betting that if Flynn’s involved, they’ll be pretty damn sadistic.

Gillian Flynn to Write Steve McQueen’s Next Film