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Ryan Gosling on Robert Durst: ‘He’s a Very Complicated Guy’

Ryan Gosling. Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty

Before The Jinx, Andrew Jarecki’s 2010 thriller All Good Things told a fictional story based on the Robert Durst case — Ryan Gosling played “David Marks,” or Jarecki’s version of the real-life Robert Durst. In Jarecki’s fictional version, Marks isn’t the cold-blooded murderer The Jinx makes Durst out to be — and Gosling plays him somewhat sympathetically. “We wanted to try to tell that story but obviously not pretend to know the heart of the man or the mind of the man. I think a little distance there gave us some room to work,” he told the L.A. Times at SXSW, where he was promoting his directorial debut, Lost River. “I think seeing the film, seeing the perspective on him, that it wasn’t trying to judge him, it was trying to understand him. Maybe that helped sort of pave the way.” But does he think he did it? Gosling hasn’t seen The Jinx yet, he says, but adds: “How can you know? You can’t … He’s a very complicated guy. He either did or he didn’t. And even if all of it or none of it or some of it might be true, there’s just no way to really know.”

Gosling on Durst: ‘He’s a Very Complicated Guy’