Rihanna Has a Truly Stunning New Ballad for the Home Soundtrack

Sang! Photo: Getty

Rihanna knows we’re all freaking out as each day passes with barely any news about #R8 (other than that it’ll be “timeless,” duh), but she’s generously calmed our nerves with three brand-new tracks from her Home soundtrack. We’ve already heard the Sia-influenced “Towards the Sun,” and now two more tracks have made their way online. “Dancing in the Dark” is about as lifeless as movie pop-songs get (and comes nowhere close to the Lady Gaga song of a similar name), but “As Real As You and Me” might just be one of the best ballads Rihanna’s ever sung. It’s co-produced by Rodney Jerkins and has Rihanna giving full-on falsetto and powerhouse vocals. Sang, Rihanna, sang!

“As Real As You and Me”:

“Dancing in the Dark”:

Hear Two New Rihanna Songs From Home