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Jon Hamm Knows That Don Draper Is a ‘Bad Dude’

Not a bad dude. Photo: Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

“Can you like Mad Men if you think that Don Draper is a bad dude?” a reader asked Vulture’s Stay Tuned earlier this year. In response, columnist Margaret Lyons wrote that, yes, you can still enjoy Mad Men despite its brooding protagonist, adding, “Goodness or ethics or decency can be interesting to watch, but they’re not requirements … I think it’s the greatest show of our time, not because I think Don Draper’s an undercover sweetheart.” Answer: Don is definitely a bad dude. To really drive the point home, GQ asked Jon Hamm if he knew he was playing such a bad dude:

Months before the premiere of this last set of episodes, Vulture was first out of the gate with a post, “Can You Like Mad Men If You Think Don Draper Is a Bad Dude?” … [Hamm] continues to be clearer-eyed than most at answering Vulture’s question: Of course Don is a bad dude. “I’m the guy who lives with the guy every day, and I’m like, ‘No, no, no, no, no,’” he says of people who would excuse the character’s behavior. “But I also get the thing in popular culture, American culture, where you see a broken thing and go, ‘I want to fix that. I want to shape that. I want to cure that.’”