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Did You Catch These 14 Hidden Kroll Show Jokes?

Nick Kroll as Logan, star of “Dead Girl Town.” Photo: Comedy Central

Kroll Show may have come to an end, but don’t despair: Few comedies in TV history have rewarded re-watchings as much as Nick Kroll’s three-season opus. Every episode was chocked with in-jokes and references to previous episodes, often flitting across the screen in mere seconds, invisible to a casual viewer. Luckily, we got a treasure map.

Just before last night’s series finale, we talked to Kroll about the show’s history and legacy, and during that conversation, the talk turned to Easter eggs. He revealed a ton of hidden jokes, which we are happy to itemize below.

  1. The two guys singing the cover of Bobby Bottleservice’s “Broin’ Country” song in the season finale, at Rich Dick Wendy Shawn’s “Bris Mitzvah,” are secret series regulars named Aidan and Dotan Horowitz. They’re also the twins who were in “Gigolo House,” and can be seen playing sperm inside Bobby Bottleservice in “Body Bouncers.” Says Kroll: “In season three, we found out that they’re musicians and singers. They have a YouTube video of them singing [Ke$ha and Pitbull’s] ‘Timber’ acoustic, and we did ‘Broin’ Country,’ which is sort of like ‘Timber,’ so we thought it would be amazing then to take our song and change it for Wendy Shawn to have for his bar mitzvah because those guys just felt so like the people you’d be seeing at a bar mitzvah.”
  2. Washed-up hair-metal star Nash Rickey’s underrated hit “L.A. Deli” is Roman Armond’s ringtone when his embattled father, Dr. Armond, calls him.
  3. Young Billy Joel’s song is playing during season one in Dr. Armond’s house.
  4. Inuit Andy was also the “Blisteritos” kid.
  5. When Murph and Don go to the Warhol Museum, they’re looking at the fake Warhol piece that’s in a lot of the “Rich Dicks” sketches.
  6. Gabe Liedman, who plays Brent in “The Loser’s Bracket” with Casey Wilson, is also the same Brent who was on “PubLIZity” the year before as their assistant.
  7. Dr. Neuringer, who falls in love with Wendy Shawn, is the doctor the “Oh, Hello” guys pranked throughout the series.
  8. Katie Crown, who plays Angela Mackenzie-Ng, singer of “Pleep Ploop” in “Show Us Your Songs Commonwealth,” also played the character in the Gene Creemers PSA video “Get Out!” (Not only that, but Crown also composed “Pleep Ploop” herself.)
  9. Johnny Pemberton and Marc Evan Jackson, who play a father and son in “Crab Cab,” are also the father and son who are in season two of “Dad Academy” when C-Czar figures out he’s going to have a new place to live. They’re also in season one in “Soaked in Success,” the bit where people get a bucket of Gatorade dumped on them for a celebration.
  10. Weatherman Anthony Downpour, played by Paul F. Tompkins and seen doing his meteorological job in a season-three “Pawnsylvania” sketch, also makes a cameo in that season’s extended riff on Illuminati videos.
  11. R. Schrift, who’s now become one of the judges on “Show Us Your Songs Commonwealth,” was originally the guy who made “Rocks ‘N’ Roll,” the show about a renegade geologist.
  12. Logan from “Dead Girl Town” was also in the show’s Felicity parody, “Madison Chooses.”
  13. Also in “Madison Chooses”: The setting, Upper Peninsula State, is also where Ref Jeff does “Overheard: College.”
  14. When Ref Jeff is a TSA agent, he falls in love with a character played by Parks and Recreation vet Retta, and she becomes his wife in season three for “Laws of Attraction.”