Larry Wilmore and the ‘Nightly Show’ Panel Debate Banned Words and Political Correctness

From Sheryl Sandberg’s campaign against the word “bossy” to Rick Scott’s ruling to ban the term “climate change” in Florida to the University of Michigan’s recent decision to ban terms like “illegal alien” and “crazy,” there’s been a lot of word policing in the news lately, which Larry Wilmore and his panel explored during last night’s Nightly Show. Watch Wilmore give an overview above – which includes a list of offensive slurs he and his writers think deserve to be banned way more than “bossy” and “alien” – then check out his panel with comedians Lizz Winstead, Maz Jobrani, and Nick DiPaolo and The Daily Beast’s John Avlon below:

Larry Wilmore and the ‘Nightly Show’ Panel Debate […]