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Leonardo DiCaprio Might Finally Get to Play a Criminal With Multiple Personality Disorder

Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Leonardo DiCaprio has long been interested in playing the role of Billy Milligan, the first person to successfully use multiple personality disorder as a defense in the courtroom, in The Crowded Room. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the project has been dormant for nearly a decade, but now has renewed life as Jason Smilovic and Todd Katzberg have been hired to adapt the script from Daniel Keyes’s nonfiction book about Milligan and his court trial, where he was charged with robbery and raping three women at Ohio State University. Milligan’s various personalities included Adalana, a lesbian who took responsibility for the rapes, and Ragen, a Yugoslavian communist who admitted to the robbery. DiCaprio is going to be doing a lot of Acting.

Leo DiCaprio Closer to Multiple Personality Role