Marvin Gaye’s Family Wants to Burn Down ‘Blurred Lines’ and Salt the Earth on Which It Lies

Robin Thicke (right) in “Blurred Lines.”

“Blurred Lines” just put Robin Thicke and Pharrell $7.3 million in debt to Marvin Gaye’s family, and now the Gayes want them to stop selling the song until they pay up. The family’s lawyer, Richard Busch, tells Rolling Stone: “We’ll be asking the court to enter an injunction prohibiting the further sale and distribution of ‘Blurred Lines’ unless and until we can reach an agreement with those guys on the other side about how future monies that are received will be shared.” Busch also denied that the family’s lawsuit was a predatory money-grab: “We didn’t start this fight … They started this war, and we finished it.” Talk about getting blasted.

The Gaye Family Wants to Bury ‘Blurred Lines’