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Marvin Gaye’s Family Is Coming After T.I. and the Record Labels, Too


Marvin Gaye’s family might’ve “set the record straight” in an open letter, denying earlier reports that they could also end up suing Pharrell for “Happy,” but that doesn’t mean they’re done laying down the law. In fact, it seems they intend on making every single person involved with “Blurred Lines” pay up. That means you, too, T.I.! The Hollywood Reporter reports that while the jury’s verdict came down hard on Pharrell and Robin Thicke, the Gaye family would like the judge to “correct” their decision to include T.I. and all the labels involved — Universal Music, Interscope Records, and Star Trak Entertainment — as a result of their “participation in the creation, manufacture and distribution” of the song. “[I]f the jury finds there’s infringement and if Universal distributed the recording, then according to what I heard [a lawyer for team Williams] say, they would be liable,” the family have said in a new motion.

Whether or not T.I. will have to empty his wallet for that cringeworthy verse is up to the judge’s discretion. But if the labels are ultimately held accountable, Pharrell’s lawyer has said it could mean the Gaye family are one step closer to getting that injunction to stop all distribution and sale of “Blurred Lines” they so desperately crave.

Marvin Gaye’s Family Wants T.I. to Pay Up, Too