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Slow West Trailer: Michael Fassbender Chaperones a Western Love Story

You might’ve heard a thing or two about John Maclean’s Slow West, which won rave reviews at Sundance earlier this year. The film stars Kodi Smit-McPhee as a lovesick kid on a journey from Scotland to the American frontier in the late 1900s to find his lover (Caren Pistorius) after an “accident” forces her and her father to flee the country. Thing is, he nearly gets himself killed along the way before a drifter (Michael Fassbender) intervenes and offers to “chaperone” his travels. But it wouldn’t be a true Western without bounty hunters, gunslinging, Native Americans, and a song that sounds freakishly like Jack White (but is actually Hanni El Khatib) soundtracking its trailer, right? The film opens in theaters and VOD on May 15.

Michael Fassbender Journeys Across the Wild West