Sorry, The Dark Knight, But the Oscars Might Go Back to 5 Best Picture Nominees

Well that didn’t last long. Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

In news that will probably shock no one, the Oscars are reportedly contemplating a return to the old five Best Picture nominee system. The Academy increased the field to ten back in 2009 (following controversy over The Dark Knight’s snub), but the change hasn’t come without its fair share of criticism. Since the switch, the Academy hasn’t used all ten nomination slots since 2010 and, this year, only nominated eight — with some considering long shots, like this year’s Selma, a pity nomination, at best, to make up for snubs in other categories.

There’s no expected announcement for any rule change just yet, but the Academy’s board of governors is set to meet March 24.

The Oscars May Go Back to 5 Best Picture Noms