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Relive Some of the Magic From ‘Conan in Cuba’

Photo: Courtesy of TBS

Conan O’Brien’s historic “Conan in Cuba” special aired Wednesday night, and it more than delivered on its promises of dogs, dancing, cigars, and rum. The late-night host immersed himself in Cuban culture, working his diplo-magic and frequently making himself the butt of his own jokes — as Conan is wont to do. Other highlights included being told to leave a grocery store, almost falling out of a moving vehicle, and trying to learn how to rumba, roll cigars, hang out by the sea wall, use pay phones, and wear hats. If you DVR’d this, watch it ASAP. If you didn’t, call everyone you know who has a DVR. You’ll want to see it.

In the meantime, though, here are the first four minutes:

As well as some gems Conan shared while live-tweeting the show:

Relive Some of the Magic From ‘Conan in Cuba’