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Rihanna Will Be the Focus of a Peter Berg–Helmed Documentary

Rihanna. Photo: News

Rihanna will be the subject of a theatrical, feature-length documentary, to be directed by Lone Survivor’s Peter Berg, Deadline reports. The project will reportedly be a modern attempt at Bob Dylan’s Don’t Look Back, giving an unfiltered look at Rihanna’s ascent to music-industry royalty and functioning more as a character study rather than a music film. (Un)fortunately, it probably won’t be in 3-D like Katy Perry’s Part of Me, but it’s way too early to tell. Untitled as of now, the Rihanna film is one of Berg’s first for his new production company, Film 45, which will focus on non-scripted and branded entertainment.

Rihanna Will Be the Focus of a Peter Berg Doc