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Snoop Dogg and Menace II Society’s Director Are Developing an HBO Series

’Cause he’s a P.I.M.P. Photo: Getty

Snoop Dogg is quietly one of the busiest guys in entertainment. Just this week alone, he’s appeared on Empire, delivered a keynote speech at SXSW, shared the release date for his next album, and announced that he’s got a new HBO series in the works. He’s set to executive produce the untitled series with Menace II Society director Allen Hughes and writer Rodney Barnes (whom he previously worked with on The Boondocks). The series, set in early 1980s L.A., will follow a “family whose seemingly idyllic life is turned upside down by the collision of their community and American politics.​” During his SXSW keynote, Snoop described the series as one that’ll show the Reaganomics effect on his community (Snoop, of course, grew up in Long Beach during that era). Fingers crossed he’ll star in it, too.

Snoop Dogg Is Developing an HBO Series