Terrence Howard Walks You Through His Weird Oscars Presentation: ‘I Choked!’

Terrence Howard didn’t exactly have the greatest Oscars night. No, he wasn’t nominated for anything, but he did have the all-important job of presenting three of the nominees for Best Picture: Whiplash, The Imitation Game, and Selma. And … it was kind of a train wreck, with Howard flubbing his lines and getting awkwardly emotional. Most on Twitter speculated he was either under the influence of something or just very much in his Lucious Lyon character, but Howard insists that wasn’t the case.

He offered a recap of what happened Monday night on Jimmy Fallon, explaining that he wanted to “clown” all the other presenters by not reading off a TelePrompTer and freestyling his presentation. But once he got onstage and saw the likes of Oprah and Questlove, he says he simply “choked.” The best part is hearing what happened to that mike.

Terrence Howard Explains His Oscars Weirdness