This Week in Comedy: ‘The Last Man on Earth’ Is Here

-We talked to Will Forte about the wonderful Last Man on Earth.

-We looked at what it’s like working at SNL in the age of instant, widespread feedback.

-We discussed philosophy and spirituality with Eddie Pepitone.

-We watched “The Conversation”, Mad About You’s super bold bottle episode.

-IFC canceled Garfunkel and Oates after one season.

-We gathered up 31 clips of young comedy legends before they were famous on the Second City stage.

-China is getting its own version of Saturday Night Live.

-We reviewed this weeks relatively middling SNL, hosted by Dakota Johnson.

-We took an in-depth look at the “I was just kidding” defense when it comes to offensive humor.

-On Friday July 17 Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp hits Netflix.

-We talked to Derrick Beckles about the new season of Hot Package.

-We reviewed Larry David’s new Broadway play, Fish in the Dark.

-We talked Twitter with Gabby Noone.

-James Corden revealed some details on the format of Late Late Show, and the writing staff.

-This Week in Web Videos highlightedRachel Laforest and Greg Stees’ Self Conscious Workout.

-Harris Wittels’ sister Stephanie wrote a beautiful eulogy for the late writer and comedian.

-We talked with Guy Montgomery and Tim Batt of the sleeper hit The Worst Idea of All Time podcast in which the duo watches and reviews Grown Ups 2 every week.

-This week in comedy podcasts Scott Adsit talked 30 Rock and Studio 50 on Pop My Culture, and we also tell you about all the podcasts you should be listening to.

-The Kids in the Hall are going on a US tour this May.

-We reviewed Danger 5, and shared why you should be watching this wonderfully bizarre show.

And here are your top five web videos of the week:

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This Week in Comedy: ‘The Last Man on Earth’ Is Here