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Matthew Weiner on How Broadway Musicals Have Influenced Mad Men

Matthew Weiner. Photo: Jemal Countess/Getty

Matthew Weiner came out to support the opening of Elisabeth Moss’s Broadway play, The Heidi Chronicles, on Thursday, and he got to talking with Vulture about his love for the musical and its influence on Mad Men. “I love it, and you can see from the show how influenced I am by musicals, and how much of a fan [I am],” Weiner said. “I mean, besides doing a musical number last [season finale, “The Best Things in Life Are Free”], we’ve done a lot of musical numbers in the show,” he explained. “I’ve picked a lot of music from very famous [musicals], from Sound of Music. Hopefully from watching the show you can see that I’m not a casual fan — it’s not a casual interest in this art form,” he added. “Especially because the period where we started the show, 1960, to me, that was the golden age, and there was just one after another that are still playing right here,” Weiner said, gesturing around us at the Broadway theaters lining 45th Street. So, are we going to see Mad Men on Broadway next? “I don’t know that what we do translates to that,” he said. “If we could find the right way to do it, I might be interested. I don’t know that it’s the right thing to do. Not every medium moves to other mediums. But I love it.”

Weiner: How Broadway Has Influenced Mad Men