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The Fosters’ Gavin MacIntosh Got YouTube to Unblock Gay Kiss

The kiss.

YouTube’s age restrictions exist to keep any young user from stumbling across any uploaded content with sexually suggestive scenes — ranging anywhere from user-uploaded vlogs to artist-uploaded music videos. These parental controls backfired, however, when the site restricted a clip from ABC Family’s The Fosters depicting a gay kiss between Jude (Hayden Byerly) and Connor (Gavin MacIntosh). The kiss, which originally aired on March 2, has been praised as one of the youngest same-sex kisses in U.S. TV history — their characters are 13 — which left Macintosh confused when he discovered a user had to verify being 18-plus to view the scene on YouTube. On Sunday, he slammed YouTube in a series of tweets that have since been deleted, saying, “WHAT?! YouTube blocking #jonnor scene w/ age restrictions? 100% discrimination & homophobia! SO innocent compared to what’s on YouTube!”

It seems YouTube took notice of his complaints. As of Monday, the clip has been unblocked and YouTube issued this statement to The Hollywood Reporter: “When it’s brought to our attention that a video or channel was age-gated incorrectly, we act quickly to fix it.” Now all ages can feel free to keep on ‘shipping #Jonnor in peace.

YouTube Age-Restricted The Fosters’ Gay Kiss