Watch Rose Byrne and Nick Kroll Freak Out in Jane Krakowski’s Swim Class

In the new comedy Adult Beginners (out April 24 in theaters and on-demand), Nick Kroll and Rose Byrne play very different siblings — he’s a high-flying Manhattan entrepreneur, she’s a suburban mom — who are reunited when Kroll’s business crumbles and he’s forced to move in with her. What initially seems like a less-than-ideal living arrangement may actually pay dividends if these two can work out their long-buried issues, and in this exclusive clip, they attempt to do just that by bringing Byrne’s son to a swim class, even though they themselves were never taught to swim. Luckily, swimming teacher Jane Krakowski has a pamphlet for that to give to our sibling duo … as well as some unasked-for, subtle shade.

Watch Rose Byrne and Nick Kroll’s Pool Freak-Out