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Amy Winehouse Predicts Her Struggle With Fame in Documentary Trailer

This summer will mark four years since the death of Amy Winehouse, and a new documentary is being released in July just before that anniversary. Directed by Asif Kapadia, the two-hour film will feature interviews with the singer dating back to the days when she was a promising up-and-coming singer and not just another tragedy waiting to happen. In its first trailer, we see a nearly makeup-less younger Winehouse speaking with the same cynicism about fame she’d become known for. Asked how big she thinks she’s going to be, she simply replies, “I don’t,” followed by the ominous warning that the spotlight would probably make her “go mad.” Hearing her words coupled with a haunting early demo of “Back to Black,” makes for quite the tear-jerker.

Amy Trailer: Amy Winehouse Struggles With Fame