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Avengers 2 Dominated (Almost) Every Country This Weekend [Updated]

The reign of Furious 7 continues as The Age of Ultron looms. James Wan’s film topped the American box office again this weekend, pulling in $16–$17 million and bringing its domestic total to around $318 million. But that reign may end soon: Joss Whedon’s incalculably hyped Avengers 2 has been dominating the foreign box office, winning all 26 of the markets in which it opened so far.

Update: According to the Wrap, Avengers: Age of Ultron ended the weekend with $201 million total, earning the top spot in all 44 territories in which it opened, surpassing the already high expectations. The Imax returns are the largest non-China international opening of all time with $10.4 million. Breaking records and taking no prisoners, the $279 million blockbuster held a 96 percent market share in Korea, 79 percent in Australia, 75 percent in Germany, and 91 percent in Russia. Collectively, it made $44.8 million in two days, 40 percent more than the first Avengers. It opens in wide release in the United States May 1, when it will go head-to-head with the (until now) unstoppable Furious 7.

Avengers 2 Dominated (Almost) Every Country