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Justin Bieber Hugged Ariana Grande and Big Sean Is Totally Cool With It (Seriously, He Is, Really)

Chronic ad-libber Big Sean trended on Twitter today without even realizing it. While he was in Canada, his girlfriend Ariana Grande was on tour in Los Angeles, where Justin Bieber joined her to sing “As Long As You Love Me,” which, of course, features Big Sean. The offending moment occurs toward the end, when Bieber creeps up from behind and hugs Ariana. Ariana quickly gets his uncomfortable hands off of her person. But! This act was allegedly enough to anger Big Sean. A screenshot of an allegedly deleted tweet that reads, “This kid is about to learn not to touch my girl like that. Beliebe that,” has been circulating around the internet. Though it reported the original tweet-cident, TMZ now claims that Big Sean’s people say the tweet is a fake and that he and Justin are “good friends.” Who knows whom to beliebe anymore.

The scandalous incident occurs around 4:07:

Bieber Hugged Ariana Grande; Big Sean’s Fine