Brand New Keep Torturing Us, Playing New Songs Without Info About a New Album

Well, now Brand New are just teasing us. After emerging this week with a new song after years of nothing, the band have unveiled yet another new song in the most Brand New way possible. At a concert in L.A. last night, the band handed out lyrics to a song called “Sealed to Me,” which — you guessed it! — happened to be for a new song they debuted during the show’s encore performance. It’s not nearly as ferocious as “Mene,” (think more along the lines of “Tautou”), but it’s enough to continue to build excitement about the band’s return. So, what gives? Does all this new music and tour indicate a new album is on the way? The band hasn’t made any announcements yet, and a publicist tells Vulture there’s no new information about an album at the moment. On the new song, Jesse Lacey asks, “How you feeling?” Right about now, we’re gonna have to go with confused (but hopeful!).

Brand New Played Another New Song