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David Hyde Pierce Has ‘No Idea’ Whether He’ll Be Back on The Good Wife

Photo: Walter McBride/Getty

Coming up on The Good Wife, it certainly appears that Frank Prady (David Hyde Pierce), may now win the State’s Attorney election, thanks to Alicia’s fraud scandal. And, after all, Julianna Margulies said last month that Pierce would return to the show. “He did a six-episode arc, but he’ll come back,” she told a stunned audience at the time. But Pierce said the opposite when he hinted to Vulture that this could very well be it for his character. “He’ll always be a major character in my mind. Whether he ever appears on the show again, I have no idea,” Pierce said on Tuesday at the opening of the musical It Shoulda Been You, which marks his Broadway directorial debut. Pierce said his schedule changed once Broadway came calling, as his directing duties affected the amount of time he could dedicate to The Good Wife. “We scheduled it around it. I finished shooting my last episode in time to start directing this.”

David Hyde Pierce on His Good Wife Arc