Dennis Quaid Channels Christian Bale, Totally Loses His Mind On Set [Updated]

Acting must be hard. Imagine you’re just going about your business on set one day, and some unsuspecting “dickhead” wanders in on the action. It appears that’s what set Quaid off in a new video, in which he’s heard — and briefly seen — losing his mind after being interrupted on the “most unprofessional set he’s ever been on!” (It’s not clear when or where the footage, which was uploaded to YouTube a couple days ago, was taken. Quaid’s IMDb page currently lists no active projects.) But, hey, maybe he was just drawing on Christian Bale’s very similar freakout to get into character. (We wouldn’t be shocked if this turns out to be a prank.) Either way, “Blow me!” is one hell of a way to make an exit.

Update: Sorry, guys, but Jimmy Kimmel says he’s not behind the video. But he does have a great theory about what it might’ve been for!

Update No. 2: It was Funny or Die. (Yawn.)

Dennis Quaid Flipped Out On Set