Here’s Another Video of the Brief Destiny’s Child Reunion

On Saturday, former Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland posted another clip of the beloved trio’s brief reunion at the Stellar Awards, where she and Beyoncé joined Michelle Williams onstage to perform Williams’s “Say Yes.” The video’s visual and aural quality is infinitely better than that of last week’s fan footage of the same performance — you can actually see their faces in this one. They sound great and their harmony is tight, with Rowland nailing her alto part and Beyoncé … well, being pretty much perfect. You’d never guess that the group has been (mostly) disbanded for eight years. (Still no reunion tour, sadly.) You can see more on TV One’s Sunday evening broadcast of the ceremony.

Thank you Michelle Williams for having myself and Beyoncé join you on stage at the Stellar Awards for "Say Yes". Be sure to check out our reunion performance Easter Sunday on TV ONE at 6/5 C!! Watch this awesome sneak peek and hit SHARE....

Posted by Kelly Rowland on Saturday, April 4, 2015
Here’s Another Video of Reunited Destiny’s Child