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Elisabeth Moss on Discovering Who She Would Date on Mad Men: ‘I F*cking Flipped Out’

On Sunday night’s Mad Men premiere, Peggy reluctantly agrees to be set up on a blind date with her co-worker Mathis’s brother-in-law, Stevie Wolcott. Peggy has her guard up during the date, but thaws about halfway through the evening, presumably when she realizes that Stevie is played by Devon Gummersall, a.k.a. Brian Krakow from My So-Called Life (as BuzzFeed reported last year, he’s “hot now“).

When Elisabeth Moss found out her character would be paired with Gummersall, she had the normal reaction.

“I fucking flipped out,” she told Vulture. “I don’t remember if I ever told him that, but I was thrilled and very, very excited I was able to play with him. He’s so great on the show, he’s perfect.”

Moss explained how meaningful My So-Called Life was to teens in the 90s:

That show was huge for us … My So-Called Life was the first time there was a serious show about teenagers that wasn’t stupid and wasn’t a comedy, and attacked what would be mundane to anyone else — but it’s super serious when you’re 14. Claire Danes, I just thought she was so incredible, and I loved her hair. I dyed my hair like hers, that kind of red color. I never wanted her to be with Jordan Catalano, I always wanted her to be with [Brian]. Then they had that last episode where they almost got together, and then they canceled the show! It was devastating.

Let the Peggy Olson–Brian Krakow ‘shipping begin.

Elisabeth Moss on Her Date on Tonight’s Mad Men